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Retractable screens – enjoy the outdoors without the bugs


One of the best things about living in South Florida is the weather. We get to enjoy beautiful sunshine all year round, even in winter. While the rest of the country is shivering in the snow and ice, we can sit with our windows open, enjoying fresh evening air and cooling breezes. But, as any Floridian knows all too well, open windows all too often mean bugs. Screens provide a solution, allowing the air in, while keeping those pesky insects out.

But conventional insect screens aren’t always ideal. No matter how fine they are, they obstruct your view. If they’re a permanent fixture, then you’re reducing your enjoyment of your garden or the stunning coast even when your windows are closed and there’s no need for a screen. A much better solution is to use retractable screens. These allow you a full range of options. Throughout most of the year, you need to keep the windows closed to minimize damage from ultraviolet rays and ensure the house stays cool. You can leave the screens retracted and get the best possible view, as well as making the most of natural light.

In December and January, when insect populations are low, you can open your windows freely without worrying too much about unwanted intruders. Pets will enjoy the unexpected freedom to go in and out, and you’ll get to luxuriate in the best weather anywhere in the entire United States.

And then in spring, and late fall, you can take advantage of cool mornings and evenings, and lower night-time temperatures.  Simply close your screens and you’ll still get all the benefits of the fresh air and reduced energy bills, but without the risk of ending up with a house full of mosquitoes.

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Door and porch screens help too

It’s not just windows that can benefit from retractable screens. Door screens allow you to leave your doors open, even large French windows or double doors. This can really open up a room and give it a light, airy feeling. You’re keeping out not just flying insects, but also roaches, spiders, and all sorts of other garden pests – including next door’s roaming pets!

And don’t stop there. Enclosing your porch with screens enables you to sit outside in the evening without worrying about insect bites. You can dine in comfort, chat with friends, or simply relax with a cocktail and a book as you watch the stunning sunset over the Gulf. That’s the lifestyle that makes the rest of America jealous of those of us lucky enough to live here!

Let us help you enjoy perfect Bonita Springs weather

Modern screens are lightweight and easy to operate: you have a choice between sliding screens and rolling screens. Additional features will ensure the screen moves smoothly and slowly to prevent slamming.

We can help you select the screens that are right for you. We offer a range of high quality products from a wide variety of manufacturers, and we guarantee professional, timely installation.

For homeowners with existing retractable or conventional screens, we offer service and maintenance.

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