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Make more of your garage with a retractable screen

For many home-owners down here in the Naples area, the garage is more than just a place to leave your car or store boxes, tools, and things you’d rather forget about. It’s a whole extra room. It can be used as a gym, an art studio or music room, a workshop, a place for teenagers to hang out, a man-cave, or even just a place to sit with a glass of wine and watch the world go by.

Throughout most the summer months, it’s pretty much a necessity to keep the doors closed and the air conditioning running when you’re in their during the day, but in the evenings, or in the winter or spring, wouldn’t it be nicer to open the doors and enjoy some of the beautiful fresh air?

That’s where a retractable screen is the ideal solution. You can keep the bugs and other undesirable critters out, while you enjoy spending time in your garage working on projects, working out, or just relaxing. It has all the benefits of an outdoor porch, with the added advantage that you can close it off completely with the main garage door when you want complete privacy, total protection from the weather or to keep intruders out. Indoor pets can enjoy the sunshine without you having to worry that they will run off or endanger themselves.

Motorized screens are definitely the best option, as they make life so much easier. You can get a wall switch, or for maximum flexibility, a remote control. That’s particularly ideal for workshop environments where you want to be able to keep the garage open but screened, but make it easy to bring a car or motorbike inside. It’s also the best solution for seniors who may not want to go to the trouble of manually opening and closing screens.

Screens are available in a range of colors and materials, depending on the amount of solar protection and privacy you want. Call us and let us show you the options – we’re sure to have something that’s perfect for your needs.

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