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Hurricane Shutters

As Florida residents know only too well, for people who live in areas prone to hurricanes, shutters are an absolute necessity. But these important additions don’t have to look utilitarian, boring or bulky. Hurricane shutters can easily be a part of your home’s charm as well as offering the weather protection you need.

Sometimes a pop of color is all you need. This lovely beach house used color on all their shutters so that design could be maintained while function was still at the forefront.

Shutters for both windows and doors are often needed, and this beautiful old home shows off both. Shutters can be designed to complement a house as well as protect it, and this is a wonderful example of how well that can work.

These simple shutters can actually be left on all year-round or taken off and put back in times of need. The hardware required stays on the exterior, of course, but it’s unobtrusive and doesn’t interfere with your curb appeal.

This is another example of full-size shutters for large windows and doors. When fully opened, their profile is almost flat against the exterior wall, and the color matches the edging of the porch rail for added beauty.

Functional? Absolutely.

But beautiful? Oh, yes!

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  • siaosi  June 29, 2016 at 8:38 am

    I think that all houses in the south pacific should have things like this. I know that every house was covered in wood when I used to live there. We would have to drive nails straight into the side of the house. I think that this would make things more convenient.


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