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Add Awnings to Block the Sun with Style

The bright Florida sunlight is a wonderful thing, but sometimes there is such a thing as too much natural light, especially when it heats up small rooms despite the air conditioning. One way to block too-bright sunlight without sacrificing views or all natural light is to put awnings above windows or along a porch roof.

This is a perfect example of how a simple awning can add beauty to a home’s exterior. The small size doesn’t overpower the window but still provides enough shade. And the simple grey and white wide stripes are a lovely and subtle contrast to the main colors of the house. Add those visible black supports and it all ties together in a terrific blend of form and function.

This colorful awning adds color to the lovely porch and works beautifully with the furnishings. Blue and yellow are summery bright without being overpowering. The porch and anyone on it are protected from the afternoon sun while still enjoying the expansive landscape and pleasant outdoor breezes.

Awnings can work indoors as well as out, as shown in this charming kitchen. This interior awning takes the place of traditional shades or curtains, so anyone using the sink isn’t blinded by the bright sun. Plus it has the added bonus of shading anything on the kitchen windowsill, protecting both plants and keepsakes from damage.

Retractable awnings offer the best of both worlds, especially in areas where sunlight can be changeable or when winter’s early dark sets in. With retractable awnings, homeowners can have full control over how much sun and how much shade at any time of day. Plus the sleek and simple design makes them a complement to nearly any home.

This exceptional example proves that awnings can go big and still be beautiful. The size of this “roof” awning creates a room-like feel for this porch, protecting furnishings and people from the elements. With this kind of awning, even rainy days don’t need to stop outside enjoyment. This awning is built to be freestanding so hot air can easily escape while cool breezes flow through.

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